De Colo, who parted ways with Fenerbahçe, signed with ASVEL

Fenerbahce Beko parted ways with Nando De Colo, whose contract expired at the end of the 2021-2022 season. The French playmaker signed a 2-year contract with the French team ASVEL.

The future of Nando De Colo, who has been wearing the yellow-dark blue team’s jersey for 3 seasons, has been announced. In the statement made by Fenerbahçe, it was reported that an agreement could not be reached with De Colo, whose contract has expired, and that the player will continue his career in another team. France team ASVEL announced that they signed a 2-year contract with De Colo.

Fenerbahce thanked the player for his efforts for the club for 3 seasons.


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