De la Fuente: “I have reasons to be happy and also to be demanding”

Luis de la Fuente appreciated the victory on the first day of the qualifying round for the U21 European Championship against Russia. “I would highlight the work of the entire group, they have had an exceptional behavior. They have worked just three days together and that shows the talent they have,” he said.

A team with a lot of overflow. “In terms of football we have players of whom there are not many: very fast, on the wing, versatile, who complement each other well … We are very happy because we are discovering very good footballers with great behavior in professional football. Overflow is one of our virtues . Situations must be made easier for that type of footballer. We also have great creators. Where football is decisive is in the last third and there we are decisive. In today’s football we trust these types of footballers. “

You can still ask for more. “I have reason to be happy and also to be demanding and tell them that they have to keep improving. I always tell them that they can improve and that we can demand more of them because they have great potential. We would do them a disservice if we didn’t demand it. It’s difficult to start a competition like this like this. “

The change of Bryan Gil. “He is fine, tired. He is a player who is all waste, he never saves anything. It was very hot and he noticed it. He was tired, but he has no problem and we hope that tomorrow he will be recovered.”

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