De la Morena: “José María García has been the best of all”

José Ramón de la Morena offered a master class to the students of the European University of Madrid, under the JOrnada of Sports Journalism and Audiovisual Communication that has been held on the Campus of Villaviciosa de Odón.

The journalist has analyzed the reality of the profession and, how could it be otherwise, addressed the issue of his historical rivalry with José María García. De la Morena has acknowledged that previously he had already sensed that there would be a crash “because he was the only one who made programs at night and he had observed that he charged the one who hindered him.”

“Well, this story is over”, De La Morena’s farewell message

Now, time later, he recognizes “with a certain objectivity” who as a reporter “has been the best of all, since it innovated and turned sports journalism into the highest paid journalism. ” Of the Morena he has made self-criticism and has acknowledged that they carried out “atrocities” and said “nonsense”.

The soccer business takes advantage of media rivalry

The one of Brunete has remembered his professional career and has highlighted your most memorable moments as a presenter in front of radio programs like The Stringer or The Transistor. The journalist has been very critical of the cost of broadcasting rights currently set, considering that “the football business takes advantage of the rivalry of the media,” so if everyone the media would stand up and say they are not going to cover football for a while, a “reasonable price” would be set.

70% of football money goes to footballers, we have created golden calves that are adored

“What happens is that 70% of that money goes to footballers, we have created golden calves that are adored, already the media is not recognizing everything they have done for football. There must be respect for the journalists who cover these days, “he stressed.

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