De Paul dresses as Simeone before being rojiblanco

Since 1993 Argentina did not lift the Copa América. 28 years had passed since the albiceleste was proclaimed champion of America at the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil. Last night, the selection of Scaloni assaulted Maracana to celebrate its fifteenth trophy and match Uruguay at the top of the list. All the lights went after Leo Messi at the final whistle of the match. The first partner to reach out to hug him was the guy who had accumulated all the spotlights during the encounter. Rodrigo de Paul.

‘De Paul ate the Maracana’ titled the Olé newspaper hours after the completion of the tournament. The midfielder of Udinese, who hurries his days as a black and white before becoming a player of the Athletic, dispatched an exhibition in the first big game of his career. He had seldom been in a similar situation. Disputing a title and with the responsibility of a historical selection behind him. The pressure could not and De Paul long became the best footballer of the match, although the MVP fell on the author of the Argentine goal, Di María.

The 7th of the albiceleste showed a great personality covering the entire field of play. He stood out when it came to giving his team an easy exit to the ball and clearly joined the attack. From his boots the goal pass was born to the back of I gave it what Say Maria was in charge of materializing and when the party was dying he had enough energy to accompany Messi in a 60-meter counter and leave him hand in hand with the goalkeeper with an impossible pass. In the final minutes he was in charge of holding the ball to avoid the final arreón of Brazil.

The one who would miss more than a smile with the game of his future footballer would be the Cholo Simeone. A Simeone who was one of the heroes of the last America Cup conquered by Argentina. A Cholo rogue left alone Batistuta to break the tie against Mexico and lift the one that until last night was the last Argentine twist. 28 years later, De Paul visited Cholo to attend Di María and become Neymar’s nightmare throughout the match. The Argentine, who played as a midfielder on the right, was in charge of closing the forays of the PSG footballer.

Close like this Rodrigo de Paul a spectacular America’s Cup. He started in five of the seven games. Only rested in the last group stage meeting with everything resolved. He has become an indisputable player for Scaloni and that of Sarandí returned the trust more than anything. “Some thought that here there was no squad to be champion. I have not fallen yet, the joy is tremendous,” said the midfielder after lifting the title. Now, his announcement as an Atlético player is expected and being able to recharge batteries on vacation.

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