De Paul vs. Simeone’s obsession

Rodrigo De Paul is already in Madrid and, most importantly, at orders from Diego Pablo Simeone. The medium, which he has shortened his vacation by a week, joins the rojiblanca discipline after being a request from the coach, crazy because the arrival of his compatriot ends with a deficit that for him is vital to solve: have a core with footballers with arrival … and goal.

Something that will surely contribute De Paul, who in his last three seasons at Udinese has added, respectively, nine, seven and nine goals. Figures that would guarantee Atlético a considerable increase in the offensive production of a demarcation, the average, in which other players must take a step forward this season.

And it is that Simeone considers that Lemar, for instance, must contribute more in attacke for his ease of hitting with both legs. The Frenchman, who completed a great season last year, must join a facet in which without discussion the reference is Marcos Llorente that helped win the last league.

De Paul greets the rojiblanca fans: “I can’t wait to put on that beautiful shirt”

The mirror of Llorente

For Simeone it is important that his midfield players look at Marcos Llorente’s mirror. A footballer who, until the 20-21 season, had barely scored 10 goals in his career and who was decisive in the last title by signing 12 goals. In fact, beat attacking players like Correa or Joao Félix (Suarez he was the only one with the most goals with 21) and now it’s time to see if he will maintain that high scoring level in the campaign that is to come.

A challenge without a doubt for Llorente, but also for the other media that, led by the newcomer De Paul, must fatten the punch of an Atlético whose challenge is to win the league championship again. Something that, understands Simeone, it can be done if his obsession with scoring half It ends up being solved with some players who, on paper, have everything to fulfill that role.

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