Defeat and clamor against Lim in Mestalla

The return of the public, just over 2,500 fans, recovered the chants of protest against the largest shareholder and the president

Mestalla beat again. A weak heartbeat as little more than 2,500 viewers they met in the return of the fans to the fields. Although there were 5,000 tickets for sale, the disaffection that property has generated with the social mass and the rise in prices (other teams gave away this match) caused just over half of the tickets to be sold.

Of course, the few who attended the meeting, under a 30-degree haze, were able to express their discomfort with the property without restrictions. Except for a small incident when removing a banner against the maximum shareholder, the thing was in constant chants against Peter Lim and Anil Murthy. “Peter go now”, “Anil scoundrel out of Mestalla” and whoever leaves, tell him to leave “, they were repeated before, during and after the game almost like a mantra as a warning of what is going to happen next season at the moment when the field can be full. Despite the win, which was enjoyed on the pitch, the atmosphere against the box did not change at any time.

The return of the applause

With things clear, it was even difficult to listen to Carlos Soler in the post-match interview due to the protests against Peter Lim, the public regained the applause. The accolade for a squad that needed to feel supported. Correia was applauded in change. A player who has progressed this season and has gone from being a regular discard to becoming a dominant player. The goals of Guedes were celebrated, the passes of Gayà and a good standing ovation was dedicated to Diakhaby, who after the incident in Cádiz thanked him when he saw how his people supported him.

The fact is that Mestalla returned to what it was, but on a low scale. He yelled for Lim to go away, for Murthy to leave them alone and regained the applause for Voro, which is always there when everyone needs a helping hand.

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