Defeating San Antonio, Phoenix did not lose hope for leadership


In the NBA, Phoenix Suns defeated the San Antonio Spurs on the road 140-103 and took their 50th win, maintaining their hope for leadership before the final matches.

The NBA continued with 6 matches. Fighting for the top in the Western Conference, Phoenix Suns defeated the San Antonio Spurs 140-103, reaching their 50th win this season.

In the Suns, where seven players played in double digits, Devin Booker played 27 points, 4 assists, and Mikal Bridges played 18 points and 4 rebounds.

Keldon Johnson and Gorgui Dieng finished with 18 points in the Spurs, which will appear in the play-in tournament.

If the Suns beats the Spurs, which they will face again tonight, and the Utah Jazz lose to the Sacramento Kings, they will be leading the Western Conference.

The regular season in the NBA will be completed with matches played against TSI tonight and tomorrow morning.

The consequences of the night:

Brooklyn Nets-Chicago Bulls: 105-91

New York Knicks-Charlotte Hornets: 118-109

Indiana Pacers-Los Angeles Lakers: 115-122

Minnesota Timberwolves-Boston Celtics: 108-124

San Antonio Spurs-Phoenix Suns: 103-140

Milwaukee Bucks-Miami Heat: 122-108

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