Del Bosque: “Zidane has done well, with good taste, and showing that he is a Madridista”


Vicente del Bosque he has presented his Football Academy Vicente del Bosque at the Santander Work Café from the Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid. As expected, the former coach was asked about the goodbye of Zidane and his farewell letter, but also dealt with other current issues such as the absence of Ramos in the national team.

Zidane’s farewell letter: “He has done well, with good taste. Surely you have to read it between the lines, but he has proven to be a Madridista. He has always been a good representation of Madrid, with elegance, wearing the shield in the best possible way.”

Ramos’ absence from the national team and his renewal: “The coach is the one who has to make the decisions. When he has chosen them, it must be taken into account that they have more information than we do. The renewal is a personal decision of him and the club. We want him to continue playing football, we all want it , He’s a leader”.

Raúl’s option: “I would be very happy if Raúl makes it to the first team, he can perfectly wear the Madrid dressing room and not look down on anyone.”

Doubts with the Super League: “I stay with how football has helped this season to make this difficult year more bearable. I am skeptical of the Super League, as has also been expressed by most politicians. I think you have to be very careful with those decisions and you don’t have to be Insatiable with money as a vehicle for people to be happy. In the end they will always want more and more money and I don’t think that’s the right way.

Your academy: “We intend to take advantage of the enormous power that sport has to make better kids. We are here to teach them to play soccer, technically improving the boys, and to learn the principles of life, which are not very different from soccer.” “This is not a tribute to me, it is a project in which we believe and we are sure that the result will be magnificent.”

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