Del Nido can already be seen: “We will build the best Seville in history”

Nor there is no doubt that the resolution of the Provincial Court, in which it returns control of its shareholding package in Seville to José María del Nido Benavente, has been an accolade for the former president, who has regained his smile and the options of once again being a leading actor in the Andalusian club, although the governance pact signed in 2019 by all major shareholders it binds him, for the moment, hand and foot. Even so, in the presentation of the comic The requetecopa, he picked up the microphone and spoke in presidential mode.

“Vizcaíno (president of Cádiz, present at the event) can attest to when we took over a team in financial and sporting ruin,” he began. “The work done is so good that we still enjoy a Sevilla champion. Many of us cried in 2006 for having broken a streak of so many years. The club continues to function and break recordsBut let no one forget that the best is yet to come, “he continued, ending with one of his classic absolutely ambitious statements: “We will build (in first person of the pulral) the best Seville in history”. The sports director, Monchi, was also present at that event, who did not speak.

I remember his father

“Many of us still remember him with the affection of breaking that bad streak. The stadium lights go out, the match ends and my brother Juan comes an hour later and said, do not do anything you have dad surrounded by police with the cane saying that it does not move until the president comes. And I went to the Cup and told him. I said, this glass is yours dad, raise it. His face and crying for my father that we both cast that has no words. Thanks to my father for having made me a sevillista


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