Denis Suárez only missed the goal

ANDOn the day of the extension of his contract, Eduardo Coudet, after a joke from Denis Suarez, revealed that he had put the footballer as ‘homework’ for the summer rehearse the goal celebrations. And it is that the only thing that the Salceda midfielder lacked, in a more than remarkable season, was to see the door.

However, he handed out a good handful of goals to his teammates. Denis Suárez gave nine assists, being the fifth player in the championship, tied with Messi, Benzema and De Frutos, in this facet of the game. This classification was led by Iago Aspas with thirteen.

On his best seasonSince his arrival in Vigo, the Celtic offered his best performance, in addition to being ambitious for the future of the club. Indisputable for Coudet, he played 2,862 minutes in the league, distributed in 35 games.

He only missed seeing the door, being a footballer throughout his career that has not been characterized as being a particularly producer, although this is not a function either. In his seven seasons in professional soccer he has scored 20 goals. Ten in the League, six in the Cup and four in European competitions.

His best years, in this regard, he lived in Seville and Villarreal. In the Seville club he scored six goals and in Villarreal five, adding all the competitions. In Barcelona he scored eight goals in two and a half years, at Arsenal he did not score in his half season on loan and at Celta he scored a goal in his two seasons to date. Surely Denis Suárez has taken note, facing next season, of the message that his coach left him.

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