Denizli Basket’s championship is a gift to the city


Vice-President Veli Tefenlili, who is preparing to compete in the ING Basketball Super League before the new season, guaranteed to be the leader of the Turkish Basketball League, said that they presented the championship to the city.

Sorrowing that Denizlispor fell from the Super League in football, the city carried Denizli Basket to the Super League for the first time in its history on the same weekend, and Tefenlili stated that they were happy to achieve their goals. The Denizli representative, whose dream of being added to the league at the beginning of the season did not come true at the last minute, was proud of achieving his goal as a champion, while Veli Tefenlili emphasized that they wanted to be permanent in the Super League.

Tefenlili, “First of all, we are very happy that we are champions, we are happy. For two years, as the whole club, we have struggled to achieve this success by adding our night to our day. In the end, we got the reward as a champion. The pleasure of this is too big to measure with money. Denizli became the champion of our city. It made us very proud to announce its name throughout the country. We present this honor and pride to all of Denizli, and our championship to all Denizli people, “he said.


As Veli Tefenlili club, also explaining their plans for the future, “Our aim is to be permanent in the ING Basketball Super League and to host European teams in Denizli by participating in European cups. We also want to establish a competitive team. We will establish our infrastructure system. From the lowest age category to basketball. “We want to reveal the devoted talented players and bring them to the level to play in the A team. Infrastructure is very important for us.”

Tefenlili, who said, “The players who will be trained from here will first serve to Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket and then hopefully to Turkish basketball,” said Tefenlili, “We will bring teams such as Anadolu Efes, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş together with the basketball fans of Denizli while competing in the Super League next year. “We want to make us watch good games. Let our fans believe, trust and continue to support our players who make us proud. We will continue to announce the name of the city with our success,” he said.


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