Denver Broncos 9-22 Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes struggles in difficult conditions but Chiefs extend win streak

Patrick Mahomes walked just 184 yards without touchdowns with one interception; Teddy Bridgewater threw 257 yards and was hit twice, including one returning 75 yards on a touchdown; rookie Havonte Williams hits 23 hits for 102 yards

Patrick Mahomes completed just over 50 percent of his passes, just 184 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception, but his Kansas City Chiefs still escaped, winning 22-9 over the Denver Broncos in a whirlwind of wind at Arrowhead Stadium. Sunday evening.

The Chiefs (8-4) were a long way from their explosive high, but they extended their winning streak to five games and retain sole possession of the first place in AFC West over the Broncos (6-6) and the pursuing flock with this victory – Kansas City Defense allowed only 56 points during the series. Denver have lost 12 times in a row to their division rivals.



With gusts approaching 20-30 mph at Arrowhead Stadium, performance had to be high, and it proved that Mahomes threw himself into a 10-yard result – Kansas City’s only offensive touchdown – on their first possession of the ball.

Safety of Kansas City Chiefs Daniel Sorensen pushes the invaders in a fast 75-yard pickup truck.

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Safety of Kansas City Chiefs Daniel Sorensen pushes the invaders in a fast 75-yard pickup truck.

Denver, meanwhile, lost more than three in both of their first two streaks, ‘and when they did have 11+ minutes in control of the ball in the second quarter, they ended up switching it down when they were going to do it in the fourth and second off. the eight-yard line of Kansas City.

In addition, Harrison Butker scored three shots for the Chiefs, including impressive shots from 56 and 45 conditional yards – shots that helped KC open the 16-3 score after three quarters.

The Broncos were successful with a running start, with rookie Havonte Williams hitting 23 times for 102 yards, but their only touchdown of the game came too late: Bridgewater spotted him out of bounds with a 13-yard toss in five minutes. left.

Denver’s goal kick came shortly after a pivotal play of the game when Sorensen returned a reflected pass Bridgewater’s 75 yards home.

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