Diakhaby: “Cala told me ‘black shit’ and I want him to be punished”

The player speaks again in RMC after the LaLiga report and the words of Tebas about not having understood the Cádiz player

Mouctar Diakhaby has returned to give his version of the facts what did he denounce? in the match against Cádiz, when he left the party after claiming that he had received a racist insult by the player Juan Cala. The Valencia defender expressed himself in a video last week, but has done it again after the LaLiga expert report which concludes that there is no evidence to prove the facts that he denounced. And also after the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, suggested in Cuatro that perhaps Diakhaby had not understood well what he had said Creek. In fact, the LaLiga report ensures that Cala says “shit” when the Valencia player He maintains that he had said “black shit” .

The French player has spoken on the program Top of the foot from the French station RMC Sport, where has once again accused the player Juan Cala of having addressed him in racist terms. “There is a long ball, I protect my goalkeeper and that’s where Juan Cala begins to insult me ​​as a ‘shitty nigger’. You have all seen my reaction. Quite pissed off. You can see in the videos what happened, “he recalled.

The investigation has not yet ruled in Cala’s favor. It is ongoing, a judge will try to resolve this case


Hereinafter, Diakhaby is waiting for the investigation continue mainly on the federative side, since the Competition Committee decided to open an extraordinary file to Cala at the request of the Integrity Department and from un written complaint by the club. At this time, a examining judge that he will collect all the information to have more data – apart from the LaLiga expert reports – on what happened: “The investigation has not yet ruled in favor of Cala. Is in progress. We will go before the Federation, a judge will try to solve this case “, Diakhaby explained to his country’s audience, less familiar with this matter.

Suspicions about the investigation

Diakhaby It does leave a shadow of suspicion on LaLiga since it says that there are clues and tests that are not being taken into account: “The story does not end. I do not understand this situation, knowing the evidence that have. They know clues that are confidential. There are tapes, but apparently they don’t tell everything. I intend to follow this story to the end. I’m not crazy, I’m not going to leave the field and create a false controversy. It would be crazy to do that. “

They know leads that are confidential. There are tapes, but apparently they don’t tell everything. I will continue to the end

Diakhaby knows that part of the defense of Cala -before LaLiga’s report was known- it was based on its social works with disadvantaged groups, such as the Sahrawi. Diakhaby does not question the good heart of the Cádiz player, but insists on taking the case to the end: “I don’t know him personally, I can’t say I’m racist. But that day he said racist things and I want him to be punished for itor, “he adds.

By last, Diakhaby explains why Valencia played the game again when he had retired from the field. He also says that he believes that in other leagues it would have been different: “I ask my teammates to return to the game, because in Spain, when you stop a game like this, you lose on the green. I didn’t want to be selfish with my team. I asked them to do it, to go back to the field. In other championships it would have been different, I believe “, ends

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