Diakhaby did not want to go to ‘test’ to the Premier

Si Mouctar Diakhaby still in the Valencia because He did not want to go to the Premier even though it was within his highest preferences. The French central is going through a stage of crossed decisions. Know what his time at Valencia is over. And more after the conflict that arose in that Cádiz-Valencia with the alleged racist insults he received from Cala that did him a lot of damage. They completely misplaced it. Great wear. Since then the player changed chips. His exit was clear.

Valencia has not received a specific offer for this center throughout the summer which shows that it has lost value. Nothing concrete. Only intentions … but after all blank bullets. However, MARCA can assure you that there was a firm option throughout this summer window and it would be that it was in the hands of the player and his agent.

There was an English club, from the lower-middle part that wanted to have him in their ranks and that bid for him. Now it was a one-year loan. They paid for it. Let’s see how the Premier suited him. A kind of ‘proof‘(at 24) to see if he could adapt to island football. But Diakhaby rejected it when the Premier has been his priority. Surprising decision … because the defender and his environment they thought he deserved better. They waited for the ‘mana’ of the Premier … that has not arrived or has come close. But it must be emphasized that Diakhaby has lost courage in the race.

The option of a possible offer from the Newcastle in the final stretch of the market … wet paper. There was nothing official. Just a statement of intent. A groping and there it was.

A future in complex Valencia

This past Diakhaby market could have come out for a figure of around six million, which is what remained to be amortized. The plant has barely been in the market. Next summer may be more feasible, since there will barely be a year left to finish the contract (June 2023) and the amortization will be three kilos. But the visions he has of playing this campaign are complex. You will have some opportunity and you should make the most of it. It will have to be ‘another’ Diakhaby to try to change his avatar.

What is clear is that everything changes a lot with Diakhaby or his future for both the player and for Valencia himself looks stormy. It cost the Mestalla club 15 million euros in June 2018. He was coming from Lyon with a glimpse of a promising future. But it has never exploded barely flashes. Very few. its value is on the ground and little return has. Next year he will be on the verge of being a free agent and will barely have a amortization of three million that possibly make an exit more feasible to save the chip

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