Diego Martínez: “The season is extraordinary”


“I need a few days to reflect,” reiterated the Granada coach about his future

Granada has closed a historic season: “It is difficult to put a note or an adjective that exemplifies how I feel for these players. The season is extraordinary, ninth in the League, in the Four Cups and Europa League, it has been something exhausting, we can no longer do it.”

Now it’s time to think about the future, although Diego Martínez has explained again that he has not made a decision on where he will train the next course: “No, I have already mentioned it. We need a few days to reflect, talk with my club, we need to disconnect and recover. I am open to listen, then assess pros and cons, both in the emotional sense and in that of my strength.”

There is a great sense of pride and happiness

After the final whistle, like a big family, the squad said goodbye on the pitch: “With words of happiness and gratitude for the effort. They are the protagonists, they have taken the values ​​of this team to its maximum expression, there is a great feeling of pride and happiness.”

A season in which Granada has once again been an example of reliability: “All season in the top ten, but since I don’t look at the classification I didn’t know it. The constancy and consistency has been brutal, it has been a year of great effort, we have played practically all year three games a week, it has a triple value what these players have done, “he recalled.

I do not change anything that I have experienced

Little was at stake on the pitch, and the duel against Getafe will not be remembered: “An even game, in the second half we have been better, with arrivals, but we have lacked some success. The forces and energy were not the opportune, but we have returned to supply it with desire and effort.”

If it was his last game at Los Cármenes, it would have been a farewell without the fans: “I do not change anything about what I experienced, we wanted all the fans to be there, but what we want is health and that the stands are full in all fields, but we have felt their affection. Feeling supported and that connection there are no words or actions that give back all that love and trust. “

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