Diego Martínez: “We are prepared”

“We need a perfect match,” recalled the Granada coach

Despite the result of the first leg, Granada did many things well: “There are things that are very useful, the performance of the team in many facets was good, but we need to be more efficient, come out with personality from the beginning. It’s 90 minutes, you have to play with intelligence and understanding that we need a perfect match, and that is what we want to do. “

The appointment is historic, but Diego Martínez sees his players prepared: “I am proud of my players, they have brought us here in a brilliant way. Being able to live it together with them adds more value to what we are achieving. He is one of the best stadiums in the world, but I see my players prepared, convinced, connected and, honestly, serene, it is the most important word, that and intelligence will be very important to pass, “said the Vigo player.

“We are looking forward to the game starting”

Granada wants to continue making history and is not intimidated by the stage: “There are many first times, but we have always maintained our identity and values, we have full confidence in what we do, it is what has brought us here. The closer we get to our best version, the more our chances of qualifying will grow. We are prepared and looking forward to the game starting. “

To turn the tie around would be a new feat: “This team has achieved practically unthinkable things and we are convinced of our possibilities, we know that it is very difficult, but we believe in what we do and we are going for it with conviction.”

Although the rojiblancos need to score two goals to at least force extra time, Diego Martínez does not want to rush: “We are prepared for all types of matches, efficiency is often what determines the dynamics of a match, I hope that we are always in the match. We are going to have our options and we want to take advantage of them, that is what we have worked for. We don’t have to become obsessed, we must trust our possibilities, at any moment we can turn it around, “he warned.

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