Diogo Jota is left without ‘revenge’

Diogo Jota He is one of the few footballers who has passed for Atlético de Simeone without actually showing rojiblanco what he did achieve away from Cholo’s coat. In fact, he could not even make his debut in an official match before embarking on an adventure for Portugal and the Premier that It has led him to be one of the benchmarks of Klopp’s Liverpool.

The Portuguese forward, in fact, has achieved that the magnificent forward formed by Mané, Firmino and Salah break on many occasions since the summer of 2020 arrived by more than 40 million euros. In fact, he has played nine meetings between the Premier and the Champions League, leaving three goals.

An injury, on the other hand, will prevent him in principle from taking revenge with Atlético (where it was in the summers of 2016 and 2017 before go on loan to Porto, first, and Wolverhampton, after) in the meeting next Tuesday at the Metropolitano. The duel, of the third day of the Champions group, will not have the Portuguese attacker, injured precisely with his national team.

No regrets

A few months ago the protagonist remembered his time in the rojiblanco team. Despite not succeeding, the only club where he has not done so at 24, he would not change his roadmap: “I don’t regret having gone to Atlético. They were in the Champions League final the season before I arrived. The opportunity to be there and go through the entire preseason meant a lot to me and I learned a lot. “

Asked about the few options he had to play in the rojiblanca entity, the Portuguese admits that “I expected it to be better, but no, I don’t regret it. In the end, at that time, leaving was the best option for my career. Each experience allows you to develop and grow. Although it does not go as you expected, you can learn everything in life and gain experience “.

It ‘takes away’ minutes from Joao Félix

Diogo Jota’s withdrawal, when confirmed, will prevent him from playing another of the great talents of his country, Portugal. We are talking about a Joao Félix who in this last break has not gone with his team but that in previous meetings he saw how Jota’s irruption took away a certain role in the Fernando Santos team. The duel between the two, in any case, It is set for November 3, when Atlético and Liverpool will meet at Anfield.

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