Dortmund can no longer buy back Isak but fears a great offer

Lto Real Sociedad has reached an agreement with Borussia Dortmund to cancel the option that the German club had to buy back Alex Isak for 30 million euros and not the 70 that he has as a clause, and now he will try to make the striker who is standing out in the Eurocup accept the improvement and extension of the contract until 2028, but in Anoeta they fear that their agents may present an offer from a great club, especially from the Premier League.

Isak has stood out in the two games he has played in the Eurocup, although he has not scored, and was in fact chosen as the MVP of the meeting this Friday between Sweden and Slovakia, in which he starred in the best plays of the game, which has made people talk even more about him throughout Europe than what was done after his remarkable performance against Spain.

The Swedish striker went to the tournament with an offer of extension and improvement until 2028 of the contract that he has until 2024, in which there was a clause whereby Borussia Dortmund, club from which Real bought two summers ago for about 7 million euros, get him back for 30, but it can no longer be because the Anoeta entity has reached an economic agreement with the German company to cancel this possibility, as reported today by El Diario Vasco.

In fact, Jokin Aperribay has already hinted at it when last Thursday he spoke at the Gipuzkoa Business Forum. “Borussia is not a problem, the problem is the clubs that can come and that we do not know today,” he said, referring to the player’s representatives being able to present a great proposal in Anoeta.

One of the stars of the Euro

The realistic president and its working group trust that, after the Eurocup, Isak signs that improvement proposal contractual, but they also fear that, if he continues to stand out, he may have a millionaire offer of a Premier club, as he has been linked to Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool, among others.

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