Efe Obada says NFL has become part of ‘British culture’; Russell Wilson amazed by international growth

Little Ealing Elementary School in West London won the National Flag Football Championship on Wednesday and secured a spot in the NFL Flag Championship at Pro Bowl 2023 in Las Vegas.

The growth of the NFL in the UK can be measured by TV numbers, ticket sales, jerseys bought, participation in Flag Football, social media followings or, in the case of Efe Obada, recognition in supermarkets.

The Washington Commanders quarterback returned home this offseason to be greeted with further steps towards that reality. Obada spent a week watching the aspiring Efe Obadas, attending the NFL Academy Trials and competing in the National Flag Football Championship at Loughborough University.

The result was a husky voice from coaching and communication, and a telling sign that he’s invested in bridging the gap.

“I’m excited, it wasn’t when I was introduced to a game at this age that changed my life, just imagining the opportunities it can give these kids to make it easier for them to transition from here to the NFL, it’s exciting. watch,” Obada said. Sky Sports.

“What’s really exciting about coming home now is that the NFL is becoming part of the British culture and it’s so exciting to see that. It was unreal, it didn’t exist.

“Now we are in Loughborough, there will be the Academy, the IPP, the London Games, Flag Football, and they will recognize me.

“I was recognized at Tesco, it blows my mind! He’s like, “I know you.” I asked if he was sure, and he replied: “Yes, you are Efe!”

West London’s Little Ealing Primary School edged out Wednesday’s 12-school winners by beating Manchester’s St Mary’s Hall Stonyhurst 7-6 in overtime in the final to secure a unique spot in the NFL Flag Championship at 2023 Pro. Bowl in Las Vegas.

They represent one of the 300 schools playing flag football across the country, and the non-contact version of the game is actively vying for participation in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

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