Elche vs Athletic: Win and wait


Those of Escribá, who are tied with Huesca but lose the particular goal difference, need ‘help’ from Valencia to avoid relegation

ANDl Elche is played against Athletic Bilbao to be or not to be First. Although he needs help to achieve permanence, since he is not dependent on himself. Reaches the last day opening the descent, tied at 33 points with Huesca. The Aragonese occupy the limit of salvation due to the particularly favorable goal difference. And they close the league against Valencia, also without goals like Athletic.

Therefore, The franjiverdes have clear accounts: win and hope that their neighbors give them a hand in El Alcoraz. There are other combinations that would give them continuity in LaLiga Santander, but this is the one they set in their mind. And whims of fate, with the permission of Real Valladolid, Elche will play salvation with Huesca de Pacheta. The coach who guided him to Primera last season. And from Second B to the elite in two and a half years.

The franjiverde coach, Fran Escribá, aims to repeat the scheme of three centrals and two lanes how good a result did last day in Cádiz (1-3). Josema Sánchez and Dani Calvo aspire to cover the loss of the sanctioned Diego González.

Better with an audience

Although the controversial statements of Dani Calvo’s father, Escribá has the central Huesca in his “party idea”. Mojica is available again, after four days off due to injury. Elche will have the extra return of the public to Martínez Valero 477 days later. 5,000 franjiverdes fans will give their support in this final for salvation in First.

Athletic closes a season full of emotions. They have enjoyed the joy generated by a title, such as the Super Cup, and the bitterness of defeat in two Cup finals. Now, with no goal available, Marcelino’s men are focused on finishing with the best possible feeling.

Raúl García is dismissed due to sanction, but Lekue is back available. Deusto’s is the novelty on a list that also includes IAug Herrerín. The goalkeeper said goodbye to San Mamés last day and now has the opportunity to say goodbye to Athletic by playing their first game of the season or a few minutes at the end. Everything will depend on the idea that Marcelino handles and if he wants to have a detail with his player.

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