Emerson, Tottenham and a capital gain without effects for Betis at its limit

Lto sports management of Betis live these last hours of the market pending the possible termination of the Sidnei, which is negotiated, and a hypothetical exit from William Carvalho on loan, with clubs Turkey and England interested in your services. But it is also pending operations that affect players from other clubs over which it retains some type of right.

One of them is the Brazilian Emerson, whose continuity in the staff of the Barcelona seemed insured, but could change of scene in this final stretch of the transfer window heading to London to play in the Tottenham. An operation estimated at 30 million euros, between fixed and variable, of which 20%, between five and six million, would go to the Betic coffers for one of the clauses of their contract.

A total capital gain of nine million

Betis and Barcelona signed 50% of Emerson In its day, for 12 million euros (six each club). The winger played his first two seasons in The league as Verdiblancos and after this period, the Catalans executed the option they had to take over the footballer, paying nine million to the Verdiblancos, who in turn would keep 20% of a future sale. Thus, the capital gain for the Betis, if the transfer to the TottenhamIt would be up to nine million (three after the play-off and between five and six for 20%).

However, these five or six million that the Betis if the transfer of Emerson to the Tottenham they would not serve to extend its limit on spending on the inscribable workforce in this market (something similar to what happened with Junior Firpo). These amounts are considered as variables of a transfer and are taken into account when The league update the limits of each club, but do not allow their immediate use to make new hires.

That is, for the Betis could undertake any incorporation in these last hours of the market would need to generate some capital gain among the players of its current squad. The one indicated in this sense would be William Carvalho, as long as the conditions in which he left the club, if he ends up leaving, were good enough to generate enough margin to qualify for a loan.

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