Emery: “Against Madrid we will play with one eye on United”


The Basque coach acknowledges that he still has a lot at stake through the league game

ANDl Villarreal concentrates on the pnext eight days two top-level matches from difficulty and in which important goals for the future are played. Saturday visit Valdebebas to play against him Real Madrid. The whites play the League, although they depend on a puncture from the Athletic, and the submarine reach a place that gives you access to the Europa League. Four days later -thanks to the cOrrection of LaLiga have won one day– they play the most important game in history of the club, the Europa League final against Manchester United. There, in addition to the Villarreal’s first European title there is at stake a square with direct access to the Champions League. Almost nothing.

Unai Emery is aware of the difficulty of both commitments and has explained, in the Media day of the UEFA prior to the final of the Europa League what is the approach: “The order of priority is the game we play and in the competition we are in. LaLiga is the one that marks us the regularity and the goal is to be Europe. We are already running out of options to be in the top four. Then there is the Europa League and The League that is the only one that gives us access to this competition. And then there is the Conference league that it should not be belittled because it is Europe. TWe have the option to play for a title that is important like the Europa LeagueThe ambitious goal is given to us by the Europa League and the important goal is given by LaLiga. On Saturday we will have an eye on the Manchester United game. It is important that we play on Saturday and I think we deserved it because we are in a final representing Spanish football. ”

The ambitious goal is given by the Europa League and the important one is given by LaLiga

The Hondarribia coach explains that Villarreal has taken the competition very seriously from the group stage and that this has led to the success of progressing to the final: “We are very proud of the track record we have done this year in the Europa League. By regularity, credibility, seriousness and for giving something special to this competition. He has given us the reward for the work to endow each party with the necessary importance, use different resources in the template that has made us reach this final with the pride, satisfaction and joy of deserving it. And just like we have respected all rivals, we respect United, which started as the main candidate. We have considered ourselves capable of being able to deserve. Now that adaptation has to be aimed at the single party and we are going to do it. We are going to play with the confidence with which we have done it until now “.

To Emery it doesn’t hurt to admit that United is the favorite in the end. But above all, he hopes to be able to work the game so that the players feel capable of mastering all the situations that may arise during the game: “The English league dominates football towards Europe. In order to reach a final of these you have to eliminate important teams or meet with teams that have eliminated important teams such as Dinamo Zagreb. In these last three games against important rivals (Sevilla, Real Madrid, United) it is a challenge to see the team at what level it is. The Sevilla put us in trouble half an hour. And we are going to find that difficulty now. Y everything will depend on our responsiveness already emotional level be us in the party. We have to take it as something natural what happens in the game (that they score a goal, that we score it …). The Real Madrid and United, in that sense, they are very Similar“, he sentenced.

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