Emery: “Aubameyang is a killer and always will be. I know him very well and we are already working to stop him”


Emery returns to what was his home and many of those who were his players still defend the Arsenal shirt. A date with the yellow story.

Fleave, and with the bug in my body to return to London, which was his home. Unai emery he is an old wolf in the Europa League, a veteran with success in the competition. He continues to mark favoritism for Arsenal and he doesn’t trust the London star, Aubameyang.

Equipment situation

“We are doing well, we are in a very beautiful moment after a year of hard work. We have been reaching goals and now we have reached this semifinal with a firm path and with feelings of maturity. We want to continue what we did in the first leg, a result that it does not assure us, so we must continue the same. With the idea of ​​equal security “.

His extensive experience in the semifinals

“My experience is that the road is beautiful, the end is ephemeral, what remains is what you have lived up to that moment. From there we know that we play with a historical and high-level team, we arrive with a feeling of arriving at this moment being a solid and mature team. I keep saying that they are the favorites, we are aspirants. But there are 90 minutes in which we have competed, we have shown that we can “.

Key casualties:

“A season is not only a piece of information and a moment, it is something that gives you what you have done and what you have needed for each problem. We have solved the problems we have had, not thinking about those who are not, we think about what what we have and what those who are can give us. “

The Arsenal:

“I expect the best of them and from there I prepare the game. They are a solid team, capable of taking advantage of spaces and who know how to manage the game. We must strengthen what we do well and be competitive in the 90 minutes. And when it comes time to suffer to be able to have that point of work and inspiration. I expect one more point from them in this game. “

Sensations with his return to London:

“The feelings are always there, things happen and you must continue. I return to a great field, a shame there is no public, I would have liked. I return with the idea of ​​enjoying a great game, with respect for Arsenal and with the idea of ​​giving my best for my team. I would like to overcome the semifinals with Villarreal, and right now that is above all, so I am focused on that and I put my feelings aside. “

The Aubameyang level:

“Aubameyang is a killer and always will be. If he is in a good moment it is very difficult to stop. I know him very well and we are already working to stop him.”

Favorite Arsenal:

“I think Arsenal were favorites and we as candidates, I think the result of the first leg does not change the idea. Due to budget, history and more I consider them favorites. We are a solid team with the capacity to fight them. I tell people that we will play with pride and that we will defend a story as beautiful as Villarreal is.

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