Emery: “I apologized to Aspas at Sevilla, I didn’t know how to get the best performance out of him”


The Villarreal coach praised the Celta player, the team that is being measured this day

Ddays after qualifying your team for the Europa League final, Unai emery He appeared at a press conference to analyze his team’s league match against Celta de Vigo. The technician highlighted the urgent need to park the European competition to focus on getting a continental place via LaLiga for next season. The technician He acknowledged fatigue and that he will have to work to avoid further injuries. In the same way, praised Iago Aspas, of whom he acknowledged not having been able to get his best version when he was under his orders at Sevilla.

Focus on LaLiga: “The idea is to keep the same path and trajectory, keep the idea of ​​game and performance and find the victories. They are players used to playing at a high level of demand in a few days, but it does not mean that they can do it all the time. There is a risk of fatigue. , fatigue and injuries. Celta’s game requires high demands, they have options for European positions, but they go through the game against us. Besides Real and Betis, there are those who come from behind. There are important goals for tomorrow and what We will do with the players who are not at risk of injury and are mentally prepared. In addition, those who leave the bench will also be important. “

There is a risk of tiredness, fatigue and injury


What Celta awaits: “I expect a brave opponent, who plays well and wants to get the ball back soon. With a system that puts people ahead, with people with a long footing in the center of the field. Without Tapia that will increase with the entry of Beltrán. I hope a great Celta and very motivated, because he plays his European options. They come with some doubts, such as Aspas in the eleven, but with players in a great moment. We expect a great Celta “.

I expect a brave opponent, who plays well and wants to get the ball back soon


Forget Europe: “Yesterday we trained despite arriving at six in the morning and after sleeping four hours. It is the first staging for Sunday. People trained very well and today we will see how they are.”

Tiredness: “Tiredness may be present. We are very exhaustive in the post-match analysis. It was an emotionally very special day, but the emotional hangover is one day. Today we already have it parked and we want to recover sensations and mental inertia from LaLiga. Until now We weren’t talking about what it means to play in the final, now we’ve already talked about it. All of that goes from the inside, but now we’re focusing on LaLiga consistency as our main objective. “

Irregular in the second round: “In the second round we did not take the point of confidence to win and strike the blow due to various circumstances. But against Getafe we ​​won a very hard match. Everything happens at the La Cerámica stadium. The fans are not there, but we feel them close by. “We have to take a step forward. We did it against Arsenal and against Getafe. We have to find other performance responses with guarantees.”

“We have to take a step forward, we did it against Arsenal and against Getafe


Foyth and the final: “Muscle injuries have their process. In the best of cases, shortening deadlines, and something fair could come. In normal deadlines and without risking it is difficult to reach the final. We will see how it evolves.”

Blades: “I had Aspas for a year at Sevilla, he came from Liverpool. We already wanted to sign him at Valencia. He is a player who as a person is wonderful, knows and understands football, he likes it a lot and transmits a lot to the group. Forwards like Bacca or Gameiro at that time, I told him that he played less due to circumstances, but his response was impressive. We have spoken sometime, while I was in Paris. I have enormous respect for him as a footballer, for his entire career. he does in a Celta where he feels protected. I apologized to him, I did not know how to take advantage of him. I have respect and admiration for him.

Aspas and I have ever talked, while I was in Paris


Young: “Yeremi must acquire a lot of maturity, but transmits a lot of desire, energy, does everything in his power. From here to the end it will be important. I am not forgetting Niño, who has scored eight goals. With Baena, the same. They must learn the same. I talk about it a lot and I talk about it with them. They are lucky to have the example of veterans like Bacca, Albiol or Costa because of what they transmit in their work on a day-to-day basis. “

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