Emery: “We arrived in Valladolid with great need”


The yellow coach is aware of the difficult league situation of Villarreal, in seventh place at the moment

FOut of the Europa League posts, the yellow coach, Unai Emery, influenced the situation of need with which his team faces this final stretch of the championship. Despite avoiding giving a definitive tinge to the duel that will be played in Pucela, is aware of the total importance of these points

Much need

“We arrived with the need for these three points. The calendar is compressed and the league is very interesting both above and below. It is a game of great need and we arrived with the idea of ​​working on this opportunity to achieve victory and have options to access European positions “

Very important

“Key games have been all that we have left along the way. We came with the same idea, but it will not be decisive if we win and possibly not if we do not, but the nine points are going to be very important, I dare not say that this It is more important than next Sunday, but now we prioritize these because they are the first. And it is true that they will tell a lot about our options.

Coquelin doubts

“He had some muscular discomfort yesterday and he did not finish training. There was no apparent injury but we preferred not to force him. It is not ruled out but we have to wait to see how he evolves. We also have the sanctions from Rulli and Mario. Within how difficult it is to understand that we are harmed twice, we lose them for the next two games. “


“It is working well and we have used it within the competition with Alcácer and Niño. They have helped the team and there are games left to help”

Irregular in LaLiga

“We cannot put blindfolds on the objectives that we have met and those that we have not. We wanted to fight for the top four positions in the league but those at the top were firm and we could not. We will try to enter the Europa League and if they are not there the Conference, which is also a European competition. We still have the final of the Europa League with the option of reaching the Champions League. The feelings are that if we had already secured the Europa League, we would see this season more fully. But we cannot look back In the league we are missing something, we have lacked more regularity and it has given us some disappointments, but we can still achieve it. ”


“They have many different possibilities to make the lineup because they have varied lately. At a good moment they are a reliable team that made us suffer here. But due to circumstances and some misfortunes, they have reached this moment of the season. They have alternated in many positions. We will try to respect them and the competition. And we will try to be us and take the game where we want. “


“It can be physical or mental, but we try not to talk about it. We work to recover. It is true that we are irregular in the league as a result of going far in the Europa League. The feeling more than fatigue is a lack of regularity. Our challenge is to find it tomorrow. , will play to win and be closer than the rival to do so “

Changes in the eleven ?:

“It is the eternal dilemma: what are the rotations and which is the best eleven? When there are no changes and a player is injured I do self-criticism, when I do it and we do not win, the same thing. I also have the challenge of being very demanding, to talk to the doctor, to the players, to learn which player is good to play. My idea is that the best players always play, and sometimes the performance of some can go down due to fatigue or injuries. The best can be all

Good at home and bad at home

“That there is no public influences and is a general trend, although it is true that it is for everyone. In my career my teams have been better at home, they have felt more protected. I have a self-criticism of finding the why”.

Foyth and Samu

“They are eager to be able to recover. Foyth has a certain advantage because he was injured before and it was less damaging. Since today he has started to do something on the field. Samu will be more fair. Every day it will be important. The risk is there and now We will see if it is worth assuming them or betting on other players who contribute to us.

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