England captain Heather Knight disappointed India Test will be played on a used pitch in Bristol

“It is not ideal and we prefer to be in a new one, but we still do not know how it is going to play”; England captain Heather Knight was diplomatic in her response after discovering that the test match against India will be played on a used field in Bristol; Watch 10.30am, Wednesday, Sky Sports Cricket

Heather Knight Says ‘Not Ideal’ For England vs. India Test Match To Be Played On Used Field

England captain Heather Knight was disappointed to learn that her team’s test match against India would be played on a used wicket.

England and India have not met in four days since 2014, but will meet at Bristol County Ground on Wednesday to kick off Knight’s team summer.

The red ball has been on the fringes of the women’s cricket calendar, with only eight events around the world since 2011, and the next game will be played on the same ground that was used last week for a Vitality Blast match, despite of the England camp’s efforts to change. strip.

“I’ve taken a look (at the field), it’s a used wicket,” Knight said.

“It was used for a Gloucestershire T20 game last week, which I guess is obviously not ideal. We would rather be in a new one, but it is what it is and we don’t know how it will necessarily play.”

“Obviously, a little different with its use, but we are sure that we have the team and the XI that we will choose to win this Test Match.”

It is not the first time that attention has been drawn to the 22-yard strip. Before a test match from the Ashes in Taunton, England Women had to play the first women’s test that was broadcast live on a field used by New Zealand against Afghanistan 40 days earlier.

This time the course was slow, scoring became increasingly difficult for several players and spin became a major factor, and this time the recently used track at Bristol could throw up the same problems.

“I guess there was a lot of talk at Taunton about the launch and it didn’t really do much so we’ll have to wait and see how it works,” Knight added.

“Obviously I’d rather play new ground, but it is what it is.

“It is not something that we can change now, so there is no point looking too much at how it will play, obviously we will try to adapt as much as we can to the situation and how the wicket plays.”

“It is not ideal, but it is what it is and we have to go now and put our heads around playing in the field that they have given us.”

The England captain added: “We found out last week that we obviously tried to change, but it was a bit late for that to happen. Obviously it is unfortunate and not ideal and we prefer to be in a new one.” but we still don’t know how it will work, it could still play very well.

“Generally, in Bristol, sometimes you look at the deck and it doesn’t look very good, but it actually plays brilliantly. So look, it’s not ideal, but it is what it is and obviously we’re going to have to perform as best we can. on the wicket. they were given. “

India Women will play two test matches this summer, with a fixture in Australia scheduled for October, and Knight expects a tough challenge from the visitors, despite her even more limited experience in the format.

“They are a good team, they have some brilliant bowlers,” Knight said.

“I imagine their attack will be reasonably heavy and we have been preparing for that. And they have some world class hitters against whom we will have to have very clear plans.

“They also have some aggressive hitters that could take the game away from us, but we are very confident in our plans and how we’re going to do things. We feel like we have the lineup to be.” able to take 20 wickets in the test match, which is obviously what we’re going to do and go for that win that we think we can. “

India captain Mithali Raj said of wicket: “First of all, we are here to play a match. Whatever strip we get, we will try to get a result from it, and that’s the thought process.

“Whether it is a used wicket or a new wicket, as players and as captain, I am there to support my team to get a result and for that it is important that we follow our strategies accordingly.”

Watch the first day of the England-India single test starting at 10.30am. M., Wednesday at Sky Sports Cricket

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