Enthusiastic welcome to Champion Izmir BSB

The players of İzmir Metropolitan Belediyespor, which completed the 2020-2021 season with the championship in HDI Insurance Wheelchair Basketball Super League, were greeted with enthusiasm.

A ceremony was held on the way back to the city for the Izmir team, which managed to bring the trophy back to Izmir after 17 years by defeating its rival Beşiktaş HDI Sigorta in both matches of the final series that will determine the Super League champion. Returning to İzmir with the fifth championship trophy after 17 years, the team players were named İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, Head of Youth and Sports Department Hakan Orgunbilge, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality President Ersan Odaman and athletes. Relatives welcomed.

Congratulating İzmir Metropolitan Belediyespor, which was greeted with the İzmir Anthem and applause at Kültürpark Celal Atik Sports Hall, Deputy Chairman Mustafa Özuslu said, “We were here together on the way to the finals. Then you said, ‘We promise we will be champions.’ You won and you came back to İzmir. Congratulations,” he said. Coach Erdinç Kılıç stated that they had won the championship again after 17 years and said, “All of our friends have contributed to this success. Our team and our managers have contributed. You also supported us. We are very happy. We thank everyone very much.” Ahmet Uğur Baran, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club Board Member for Disabled Branches, also said: “We brought this trophy to İzmir on behalf of our 12 million disabled friends living across the country. We made a decision with our friends. We brought the trophy from İzmir to our 12 million disabled brothers in Turkey. We’re giving away.”


Expressing that they experienced the same excitement and enthusiasm after many years, Team Captain Ersin Sayın said, “It is a great feeling to experience this pride again after 17 years. We had a difficult season. Pandemic and curfews did not prevent us from training. We continued our work uninterruptedly. Great effort.” “We gave our best. We got the reward for our efforts. This is my 5th trophy. I hope our success will continue.”


Ahmet Efetürk, who was chosen as the most valuable player of the Play-Off, said that they worked hard and put in great effort. Expressing that they continued their work without interruption despite the pandemic, Efetürk said, “As a result, we achieved the success we wanted. We are very happy. I think we are hope for the disabled who cannot leave their homes with this success.”


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