Ergin Ataman spoke to Dsmart

EuroLeague Champion Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman made very special statements to Dsmart.

Anadolu Efes’ coach Ergin Ataman answered Ömer Saraç’s questions in D Smart’s special broadcast.

ERGİN ATAMAN: At the beginning of the season, we allocate 10 days a week for the Gloria tournament in Antalya. The facilities in Gloria have one of the best facilities in Turkey and even in Europe. There is a very good environment to prepare for the season.

QUESTION: You won both league and Euroleague championships. You achieved all of your goals, how was this summer for you?

ERGİN ATAMAN: We were very close to the Euroleague in the first year, it didn’t happen because of the pandemic. We won the trophy after a tough season last year. Of course we were very happy. We had a nice holiday and now we are on our way for new mugs.

QUESTION: Contrary to expectations, there was no change in the staff. What would you like to say about this staff stability?

ERGİN ATAMAN: We changed almost the entire team in the summer of 2018. 10-11 new players arrived. After this restructuring, we achieved a great harmony. We played the final in the Euroleague in its first year and as you know, the Euroleague championship came at the end. We have become a team that is accustomed to each other, knows the blindfolded system, and enjoys playing with each other. That’s why we kept the staff. A sacrifice had to be made to keep Micic, and our management did it. We had two or three other players who were free. Since we used the staff preference in favor of stability, we evaluated the options and kept them in the team. Our only loss was Sertaç Şanlı. He used his choice in favor of Barcelona. So instead we got Filip Petrusev, who looks like Sertaç. He’s a great player in the last two seasons. He started playing for the Serbian national team.

Turkey is the most successful country in Europe lately. Our clubs have won many trophies, but still they are not marketed well. Broadcasting revenues have not reached the desired level. When you look at the money earned from the broadcast tender of football, which has no success in Europe with the contribution of basketball to the promotion of Turkey, one gets sad.

QUESTION: Recently, there has been a coaching change from NBA to Europe, from Europe to NBA. You said you would consider it if the offer came. Do you think we will see more European coaches in the NBA?

ERGİN ATAMAN: Of course, being in the NBA technical staff is a good thing. There is no one successful in Europe who has been a head coach in the NBA. There is a high demand for European players in the NBA. But I see NBA clubs as conservative in this regard. I think at least 5-6 coaches in Europe are capable of working there. Will this be good for us in the future? This is something out of my control. If any head coaching offer comes in, I will consider it.

QUESTION: Are you offended by the fact that the Euroleague didn’t finish the season during the pandemic, at least not congratulating them with a plaque?

ERGİN ATAMAN: I think Euroleague has damaged its own brand value. 80 percent of a whole season was played. It was disappointing to everyone to ignore it. Under the conditions of that day, I think they themselves regretted the decision they made that day. It was a hasty decision. They could have waited a little longer and made a different decision. We have fulfilled our promise. We were going to be champions last year, then we said we should be champions this year. We succeeded in that, which was very meaningful to us. We have given a very meaningful message to the whole of Europe and the Euroleague management.

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