Ergin Ataman’s reaction to the election of Betsy Bailey as a delegate

Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman reacted to the election of American coach Betsy Bailey, who had worked in Turkey in the past, as a delegate to vote in the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) elections.

Making a written statement on the subject, Ataman used the following statements:

“As a coach who has worked for Turkish basketball at every level for years and represents Turkish basketball in the best way, the draw of Betsy Bailey, a trainer who coached the women’s national team 29 years ago and never came to Turkey, will project the future of Turkish basketball. I strongly react to the election of a delegate to vote in the new TBF presidential elections. I expect this to be fixed by TBF officials immediately before the election. I would like Turkish basketball to be managed by modern, realities and future visions, and I request all delegates to review this issue.”


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