Every beginning has an end

ANDlche and Athletic put the clasp to the first day of a championship that is still sailing in the middle of summer. And with that, neither team has a closed composition of their respective squads. At Athletic they look more for departures than arrivals, but the franjiverdes have several hiring operations underway for the remainder of the market and unite the five signings already made. Fran Escribá hopes that the management will offer him three or four more players soon. At the moment, in the appointment of Martínez Valero there will only be the occasion for the presentation of Bigas, the only one of the local signings that he aims to start.

The two teams pursue a start that presents a trend. It is clear that no victory will be final, but of course it will help lay the foundations for a season that people from Elche and Bilbao see differently. The Elche will bet on consolidating its trajectory in the First Division while Athletic wants to take another step and will work to compete again in Europe: Valverde was the last coach to qualify Athletic for the Europa League and Ziganda the last coach to enjoy those matches.

The aspirations of all contenders go through the goal. In Elche they cling to the good work of Lucas Boyé, who has scored four goals in preparation time, while in Athletic they would sign a choral and productive attack after last season their top scorer was Berenguer.

Novelty in the goal

Chance has wanted Athletic to return to same scenario in which last May LaLiga fired. And from one game to another, they may only repeat Balenziaga, Sancet and Berenguer in the starting 11. Anyone would say that Lezama has passed the roller, but no. The rest of those who played then are still in the squad with the exception of Ibai Gómez, who terminated his contract because it did not count for Marcelino. The Asturian was clear and showed him the exit door: he has also done it with Unai López, who shared ownership with Ibai and who is another who knows that his sporting future is far away.

The main novelty in this return to start in Elche will be in the goal, where Marcelino will give confidence to young Agirrezabala, that with hardly any tour in the old Second Division B climbs to the defense of the first team’s area. He is 20 years old and if he points out what he has shown in the preseason, he will talk about his good performances. The coach considers a law of life that beginners are making their way, in this case because Simón has a rest after adding the Eurocup and Games “They are cycles and things that have to happen. If they didn’t happen, Iribar would still continue to play,” he said..

Simon becomes hard to see

The international goalkeeper He was a player for Elche for 19 days in the summer of 2018. Athletic yielded him, but urgently returned to start the League as a starter because Kepa went to Chelsea, Herrerín was injured and Remiro, now at Real, did not want to renew. Simón is on vacation and will not play in what could have been his stadium. He was not in the game last season either. because Marcelino gave him rest before the Euro.

Iñaki Williams, to his own

Iñaki Williams’ LaLiga counter will continue to add. The Athletic forward has not missed a round of the tournament since April 2016. He has 195 consecutive games in the championship and is only 7 away from equaling the record of former realist Juan Antonio Larrañaga, which reached 202 matches. To hunt down Larrañaga he needs to play against Elche, Barcelona, ​​Celta, Mallorca, Atlético, Rayo and Valencia.

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