Federico Cherubini: “Cristiano did not give us any sign that he wants to go out”

Federico Cherubini, new sports director of the Juventus Turin, assured this Thursday that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo He gave no signal to the board “that he wants to leave” the club this year. The Portuguese is expected to start the preseason with Allegri.

No exit signals: “There was no sign from Cristiano about the possibility of leaving. He did not give us any sign that he wants to leave. We are talking about a player who last year scored 36 goals in 44 games.”

Happy that he returns: “The numbers do not say it all, but they hide many realities. We are happy that, when his well-deserved rest period is over, he will be added to the team for the preseason.”

Key player of the project: “The current signals of the player, the club and the representative do not go in the way of a departure for Cristiano, who for us is the center of this project.”

Is not safe: “Unfortunately I don’t have the crystal ball and I don’t know what will happen in the future, but this is the situation right now and we are happy to have him.”

July 1, 2021 admin

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