Fekir, the light of Betis

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ANDl Betis in the second half in the Mallorca stadium he remembered, like a deja vu, to the team that finished last year with surprising and positive results, rounding out a huge 2021. Pellegrini, among those who enter the team -he likes to highlight it-, has a defined game script and the precise men to execute it. You move certain pieces, but you don’t want their geniuses stay away from the ball. Without Guido as a support, she had to sacrifice at times Channels. As soon as the Cantabrian let go of his hair, Fekir began to shine. Because the Frenchman, with that characteristic trot, is able to safely convert a play into half a goal.

His 35 minutes long in the second half are a sample of how can you continue to grow in this Betis, at the beginning of his third season as green and white. He is a man of more football than numbers. And its incidence continues to grow. Caused the play of the goal with a foul at the peak of the intelligence area, watching the defender arrive. Then he placed it at the far post for the tie. It falls like lead on the goal. In the first period he gave him a similar to Victor Ruiz.

There it was released. And he began to play. When Canales is in their environment, both are easily searched and found. He was able to score with a left shot that crashed into the side of the net, to later turn on itself and give the ball to a Juanmi that he left it behind when he had to return the wall. All with a simplicity that scares. Flashes of a great star. And more and more consecutive, moving away that image of a gamer from small moments. The Betis, if nothing changes in this final stretch of the market, it will retain one of its great stars. Fekir wishes to continue at Benito Villamarín. You know you are in debt to yours. And he wants to shout again a goal of the flag with the Betic fans.

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