Felipe Miñambres: “Many agents asked about Denis”

Felipe Miñambres, Celtic sports director, reviewed this Wednesday the closing of the market: “We are happy. The route that had been marked was achieved. If we had had more economic possibilities, perhaps some position that was left would have been completed. But what we had thought was fulfilled “.

Consider what was a better market than others: “The competition and the performance of the players will tell. It is true that he has been the one who has come closest to the idea. It has been very hard, complicated, with very long operations like that of Cervi and Galán. Dituro, Thiago Galhardo and Murillo they were faster. It was not easy for some situations to go forward. People expected much more in the end. We are happy with the outputs. We are left with a template that we think may be the correct one. “

Recognized that there was interest from Premier teams for Okay but that did not materialize: “Okay he stays with us and now he will try to help us this season but this week there are still markets open and there is no telling what can happen. He is happy and involved. He is a very good player. The options were not of purchase, they were of assignments. A little surprised that this happened, for the year he did in England. “

Alson referred to Denis Suárez and the interest of various teams:“Many agents asked for Denis by the circumstances that are around him. I see Denis well. We talk a lot about my feelings in his position. I talk to him quite a bit. I see it strong, I think it isor it should come in handy to show your pride, that you are a professional and this has to make him grow and show the player that he is “.

The sports director also acknowledged that Rafinha: “it could not be accessed due to a salary issue” and that the name of Falcao was on the table. He also showed his satisfaction for the return of Murillo and recognized that Orbelín Pineda is a player who is still facing January.

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