Fenerbahce Beko’s rival does not matter!

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The Yellow-Navy Blues are not being looked at this season. Itoudis’s students defeated Beşiktaş Emlakjet on the road after Galatasaray Nef and won two derbies in a row. Fenerbahce Beko made 8 out of 8 in the league, and took the top spot with 9 out of 10 in the Euroleague.

Fenerbahçe Beko had a coaching change before the new season and entrusted the team to Dimitris Itoudis. Under the management of the Greek coach, the Yellow-Navy Blues, which took on a completely different identity in a short time, almost add to the dust. Fenerbahce Beko literally knocks down anyone in the league and Euroleague. Itoudis and his students completed another challenging week perfectly. Yellow-Navy Blues played 4 away games in a row.

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4 away victories in a row

First, they defeated Monaco 96-93 and Milan 82-72 in Europe. On his return to the league, two consecutive derbies were waiting for Canary. Fenerbahce Beko was the first guest of Galatasaray Nef and won the match 97-91, which was a smash hit. Itoudis and his students beat Beşiktaş Emlakjet 81-72 the previous evening. Thus, SarıLacivertliler achieved a great success by winning 4 away games in a row.

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One defeat to Barça

Itoudis’s team took their only defeat in the Euroleague this season against Barcelona by 1 point. He emerged victorious from the park in his other 9 games. In the league, no one has been able to bend Fenerbahçe Beko’s wrist yet. Performing a magnificent performance in both lanes, the Yellow-Navy Blues did not leave the leadership seat to anyone.

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