Fenerbahce – Galatasaray match result: 73-66


In the first match of the Women’s Basketball Super League play-off final series, Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo defeated Galatasaray 73-66, which he hosted in the derby, and went ahead 1-0 in the series.

The second match of the series, in which the team, which will reach three wins, will complete the 2020-2021 season as the champion, will be played at the Metro Energy Sports Hall on Saturday, May 8, hosted by Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo.

Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo started the game well, ahead 6-2 in the second minute. While both teams produced easy points, the yellow-dark blue players, who actively used the rest of the three-point line, increased the difference to 11 points in the 8th minute against Galatasaray: 24-13. While the yellow-reds struggled to stop their opponent in defense, Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo closed the first quarter, 26-18, in which Mc Bride’s individual performance came to the fore.

Teams had trouble producing scores in the second period. While Galatasaray used the painted area efficiently, Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo lost balls one after another. Continuing its superiority, the yellow-navy blue entered the dressing room 34-28 ahead.

The second half started with a fast-paced game. Galatasaray did not allow the gap to widen with baskets recorded with Holingsvorth under the pot in the first part of the quarter. However, Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo, who found critical points with Iagupova, increased the difference to 9 points in the 29th minute: 55-46. Yellow-dark blue players, who continue to score in the last moments from fast breaks, went to the final period with an advantage of 13 points: 60-47.

Galatasaray made a good start to the last quarter in the derby. Finding consecutive numbers with Prints and Holingsvorth, the yellow-reds reduced the difference to 5 points in the 34th minute: 62-57. While the tempo of Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo decreased significantly, the visiting team increased its rhythm in defense and found a basket with Pelin Derya Bilgiç and reduced the difference to 2 in the same minute: 62-60. The home team, which recovered with the inclusion of Mc Bride and Sabally from the sidelines, increased the difference to 7 points in the first seconds of the 37th minute: 67-60. Galatasaray made easy ball losses in the last episode. Despite this, the yellow-reds reduced the difference to 4 points, 50 seconds before the end, with the numbers they found under the pot: 70-66. Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo, who recorded a critical three-point basket from behind the three-point line with Mc Bride in the last episode, continued to dominate and won the derby match 73-66.

Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç and the board members of the two teams watched the derby fight from the tribune.


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