Fenerbahce manager met with Beşiktaş star Şehmus Hazer!

Beşiktaş’s Director of Basketball, Umut Şenol, made a statement about the appearance of Şehmus Hazer at a dinner with Fenerbahçe managers.

The photo of Şehmus Hazer, a young basketball player wearing Beşiktaş jersey, which appeared on social media in the evening, became the agenda in a short time. It was alleged that Sertaç Komsuoğlu, the board member of Fenerbahçe Club responsible for basketball, and Şehmus Hazer had a meeting today. After this development, Umut Şenol, Beşiktaş’s board member in charge of basketball, made a statement.

Umut Şenol, in a statement on his Twitter account, said, “We do not owe any players in Beşiktaş basketball. We have all the rights of our players whose contracts continue. We will take the necessary actions and make statements regarding the situation reflected in the media today. Let our fans rest their hearts on this issue,” said Umut Şenol.

On the other hand, the young basketball player, born in 1999, averaged 7.32 points in the matches he played in the ING Basketball Super League last season.

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