Fenerbahce news: New sponsor for basketball


Acıbadem Healthcare Group is expected to replace Beko, the name sponsor of the Men’s Basketball team in Fenerbahçe. In this way, it is aimed to establish a much stronger team next season

It was learned that the name of the organization that will sponsor Fenerbahçe’s men’s basketball team, Fenerbahçe Beko, as of next season, has been announced. According to the information received, the contract of Beko within the body of Koç Holding, of which President Ali Koç, who has been the name sponsor of the Yellow-Lacivertliler men’s basketball team for 2.5 years, is also the Chairman of the Board, will expire on June 16.

Beko is expected to be replaced by Acıbadem Healthcare Group, of which Mehmet Ali Aydınlar is the partner and CEO. With the support of Aydınlar, who previously contributed to the success of Canarya in Turkey and Europe with his sponsorships in volleyball during the Aziz Yıldırım period, it is aimed to provide financial support to the formation of a staff that will run to greater goals.

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