Fernando blows out the candles made a boy

Fernando Reges today you will receive the love and jokes of your colleagues for this July 25 in the birthday 34 years. The Brazilian, very darling inside the locker roomBeing almost a father to many members of the same due to his seniority and way of facing problems, he begins his third season in Nervión. The last of the three who signedAlthough the club is clear that they want him to continue to be a pillar of Sevilla in the present and in the future. The player has the last word. And you already know that Lopetegui does not look at the DNI: There are the Jesús Navas, Papu Gómez or Rakitic.

Over, Ferdinand It is already approaching that state in an enviable way that it looks all year round. Has had a little physical problem after a blow in the first friendly of the preseason, which will force him to miss even the PSG. However, he will soon be at the same pace as his peers and holidays they have not made a dent in it. Lopetegui knows what life insurance is and that the years do not pass through its midfield. On the contrary, his experience helps him to compensate the efforts and to be able to compete every three days. Also, of all those records that it offers Third center, defensive pivot or even as a striker.

“I’m 24, not 34”, he said between jokes with the press in the concentration in Lakes. With that characteristic smile and giving naturalness to the current moments of the pandemic that still shake society. Ferdinand He is aware that age does not forgive and he is already adding a significant number, even more so with a background like his, being about 15 years in the highest elite of European football. However, those close to him claim that he has rope for a while. That his professionalism in all aspects that influence the athlete will help him to prolong his career several more years. He looks with 24. A whole (sporting) life ahead. Fernando Reges adds and continues.

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