Ferran, Coquelin and Parejo: three ‘gifts’ from Lim who play European finals

With City and Villarreal they will play the final of the Champions League and the Europa League after being “ sold out ” by Valencia

Tras looting the team during the summer, the president of Valencia, carrying out orders of Peter limsaid one of those phrases that will always haunt you. “We have not sold the best.” The club had disposed of seven starting footballers, but Mertion wanted to give the feeling that everything was under control.

Months later, three of the players that Valencia sold out on the market have qualified to play European finals while the Mestalla club will play its particular final against Valladolid this Sunday to avoid relegation. Amazing.

The last to get it were Parejo and Coquelin. Both starters in the second leg of the semifinals against Arsenal. The two formed a pack to which the Mestalla club put the ridiculous price of eight and a half million euros. A gift for the neighbor Villarreal that Fernando Roig received with pleasure. In 20 days they will play in Poland the final of the Europa League against Manchester United, blushing.

In case of Ferran it is paradoxical. The great star of the team, young and with an immense future, sold for 23 million the City. In England they described it as the great bargain of the market. The boy adapted quickly and has scored five goals in the Champions. It is true that Guardiola has now removed portagonismo from his second episode of COVID, but to be his debut in the Premier he will win the title and also will play the Champions League final against Chelsea.

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