FIBA President Hamane Niang resigns! Sexual harassment allegations…

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has announced that FIBA ​​President Hamane Niang has resigned from his post pending the end of the investigation into sexual harassment allegations within the Financial Basketball Federation.

In a statement made by FIBA, it was reported through the New York Times and Human Rights Watch that allegations of systemic sexual harassment within the Financial Basketball Federation reached FIBA ​​on June 10.

It was reported that FIBA ​​immediately shared the information with the independent Integrity Officer Professor Richard McLaren, who initiated an investigation into the content of the issue, while McLaren also stated that the report is expected to be delivered shortly after the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It was stated that FIBA ​​President Hamane Niang also resigned from his post as the investigation continued on allegations that he knew about sexual abuse during his time at the Financial Basketball Federation in 1999-2007.

In this process, it was announced that Sheikh Saud Ali Al-Thani, First Vice President of FIBA, will act as Niang’s replacement.

It was stated that the FIBA ​​Secretary General requested the National Financial Federation to cooperate fully in the investigation, while coach Amadou Bamba, coach Oumar Sissoko and official Hario Maiga were suspended from all FIBA ​​activities while the investigation was ongoing. (AA)

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