Fireproof Pichichi Messi; the champions Simeone and Oblak, record; Gerard revalidates and Alberola debuts


Final honor roll of the MARCA Awards

Fend of a new edition of the most prestigious awards in Spanish football with old acquaintances in the history of the BRAND trophies, except in the Guruceta, award in which the Castilian Alberola Rojas he was the only one capable of preventing what would have been the third prize for the Madrid referee From Cerro Grande.

MARCA Awards. 01. Matchday 38. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND, Source: BRAND Documentation

To whom nobody prevents to add season after season is to the barcelonista Messi, who beats pairs with his eighth Pichichi, being the scorer who has been crowned the most times in the major European leagues, apart from becoming the first to add in Spain five trophies in a row.

MARCA Awards. 03. Matchday 38. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND, Source: BRAND Documentation

In such a special campaign for Atleti there were also records for its protagonists. Oblak added his fifth Zamora, entering the Olympus with Ramallets and Víctor Valdés, while Simeone he became the first coach to collect three Miguel Muñoz awards. By last, Gerard Moreno He successfully revalidated the title of best Spanish scorer.

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