Fixtures withdrawn in Women’s Basketball Super League

The fixtures of the 2021-2022 season in the Women’s Basketball Super League were drawn.

Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) Top Manager (CEO) Ömer Onan, TBF managers and club representatives attended the fixture shooting held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

Speaking at the draw, Ömer Onan stated that they left behind a difficult season due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

“We have been fighting the pandemic very seriously for two years.” Onan said, “We are going through very difficult days. Our hope is that the pandemic conditions will ease a little more this season and go out of our agenda. We have been playing without an audience for a very long time. Our clubs also suffer financial losses. We want to start this season with 50 percent audience.” used the phrases.

Reminding that financial criteria are applied in the ING Basketball Super League, Onan said, “Work on broadcasting continues. Pandemic conditions and the economy are challenging us. We started to implement our financial audit and license instruction in the ING Basketball Super League. We put our feet under a certain discipline and put our feet on our quilt. When we extended the season, we saw that players were not paid during the season as in the past, and basketball players left. Everyone made a balanced budget. We want to apply this gradually in the Women’s Super League. Balanced budgets are important for players, general managers and coaches. After getting used to this Our business will run more smoothly and there will be no problems.” he said.

Wishing a good season, Ömer Onan said, “I hope everyone finishes in the places they aim for. You did not have any injuries, I wish to play a season where the pandemic is out of our agenda.” he concluded his speech.

TBF Women’s Leagues Director Murat Tümer stated that they completed the past season without any problems and said, “Despite the pandemic environment that we have never experienced before and we learned to fight together, we completed the last season without any problems with your great support. To all club representatives, administrative and technical committees and our athlete brothers who contributed to this process. “We express our endless gratitude. It was a very difficult time. I hope we will finish our season without any problems by reducing the bans and restrictions. I wish all our teams a healthy and successful season.” expressed an opinion.

First week matches

14 teams will compete in the 2021-2022 season of the Herbalife Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League.

The matchups in the first week of the league are as follows:

OGM Ormanspor-İzmit Belediyespor

Besiktas -Nesibe Aydin

Elazig Special Provincial Administration-Hatayspor

Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor-Antalya 07 Basketball

Bellona Kayseri Basketball-ÇBK Mersin Yenişehir Belediyespor

BOTAŞ- Galatasaray

Fenerbahce -Cankaya University

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