Florentino Pérez, in 10 proper names: Zidane, Ramos, Raúl, Bale, Marcelo, Tebas, Ancelotti …

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, gave an interview to El Transistor inside the Santiago Bernabéu. The leader of the white team spoke of 10 proper names. Ramos, Zidane, Ancelotti, Bale, Raúl …


“I had a hard time at the farewell to Sergio Ramos. I love Sergio Ramos like a son. I was not with him at the press conference because I have never been to a press conference with any player. I have adoration for Sergio Ramos and I will not go to talk about tell and tell. He has been a legend in Madrid and with that we are the Madridistas. We offered him a contract, we gave him a deadline and he did not admit it. He thought other things and life goes on. You will do very well for sure and this is your home. I would be delighted if Sergio Ramos went to a club where they offered him what we have not been able to offer him. “


“Knowing Zidane, I was not surprised by his departure. This has been a very hard year. I spent the whole afternoon trying to convince him not to leave. I swear by my grandchildren that I have not read Zidane’s letter. I did not read that letter. he wrote. That was not Zidane … I know him very well. Zidane left because he was tired, but not from me, but from the media, from the press … “.


“Casillas did not go well, I called him at night, I proposed to do a farewell act. What happens is that due to the nerves the day before he had not been very successful. Everyone remembers him as what he has been, a great man, a legend. It was a childish thing, and he understood that the people here have to say goodbye well. “


“The Madrid members want the best players to be there; but the best players, perhaps, come at the age of 18. I know what the Real Madrid members want. They know my policy with the mix of the best accompanied by young people. I don’t want to talk about a player who is not ours. Negotiations and transfers take place after the European Championship. People trust me and Mbappé is a great player. “


“Gareth Bale is one of the great players in Europe. I remember the final in Kiev with that earwig, the Lisbon header, the race against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey.”


“I read news in the newspapers and I do not know anything. He is in the Eurocup and we will deal with the renewals later. I have not spoken with the player and I do not know what he wants. If he wants to leave he will say so and if he wants to stay he will say so. Varane is at Real Madrid and has one year left on his contract. I don’t think we have received any offers for him. “


“Marcelo has one year left on his contract, he will be the captain of Madrid. He has been here for many years. It is difficult to find a left back like Marcelo. Together with Roberto Carlos he is the best left back there has been.”


“We are delighted with Ancelotti, with Pintus and with this new stage. We remembered him from the beginning. We thought he was a good solution and here he is. I did not speak to Pochettino, or to Allegri, or to Conte.”


We needed more experience and Raúl is getting it every year. Raúl has all the conditions to be a future Real Madrid manager “.


“Football is ruined and is dying. Whoever does not want to see it is blind. Madrid has suffered two very hard years. This year Madrid had to enter 900 million and we have entered 600. The generosity of the players has allowed us to finish these two years in a reasonable situation. The clubs have lost eight billion euros. Real Madrid is not ruined by how well it has done … so that Tebas can compliment me … “.

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