Florentino Pérez’s four darts against PSG and Mbappé

Florentino Perez received to Aurelien Tchouameni with an affectionate welcome speech in which he wanted to make it clear that the footballer prioritized signing for the white club ahead of the money and the other options he had on the table. The words of the president of Real Madrid immediately made the fans of the white club remember Mbappé and PSG. Unconsciously or not, Florentino’s speech carried a very important Real Madrid emotional charge and more than one hint at Kylian and PSG.

Tchouaméni’s first words as a Real Madrid player… and in perfect Spanish!

“You had the choice and…”

Florentino made it clear that Tchouaméni had more than one option on the table and that he chose his dream. “Dear Aurélien, congratulations, because you have fulfilled your dream of playing for Real Madrid. At 22 you had the chance to choose and you have chosen Real Madrid. Your teammates, Benzema and Camavinga, will have told you about the magic of the Bernabéu. Now you will find out for yourself.”

“We sign people who believe in this club…”

To sign for Real Madrid you have to put everything before everything and that is what Tchouaméni has done, who as soon as he received the call from Madrid put everything aside: “We have a great squad, with players who have won five Champions Leagues, but the next challenges will be hard, so we must strengthen ourselves and We signed people who believe in this club and who are hungry for victory”.

Tchouaméni: “Mbappé? He wanted to know if he could go to PSG…”

“The shirt you have chosen”

Once again, at the end of his speech, Florentino Pérez made it clear that Tchouaméni has chosen: “Today begins a stage in your life that you will feel proud of. In a few minutes you will wear the Real Madrid shirt, the one you have chosen” .

“Monaco, a friendly club…”

Florentino also had words of affection for Monaco, the club Tchouaméni came from, PSG’s rival… “The madridistas are happy that a great talent like you has chosen Real Madrid. You come from a friendly club like Monaco. ..”, said the president, who for the third time highlighted his choice for Madrid.

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