Football changes its skin

Football as we have known it has ceased to exist. The social and economic changes that the terrible onslaught of COVID-19 they have produced will affect the development of the competition. Some have already been proposed initiatives to introduce new models in competition that, at least, we will agree that they accurately point out the problems, although not all of us agree on the solutions that seek to solve them.

Club medical services have faced enormous difficulties, some directly linked to the pandemic and others to the alterations that it has entailed in the structuring of training and competition. The clubs have outdone each other with note, but it has not ceased to show that the media with which entities of such economic and social importance face the health field they are insufficient.

From today to tomorrow they have had to improvise strategies and means to face the enormous difficulties that we have had to face. But a profound transformation is imposed in medical services. It is necessary equip them with means, technology and talent to face the new competition models.

It is foreseeable that in the coming years the social demand around football increases. This will bring with it a greater intensity in the game and a greater number of parties. The making of the templates must be sufficiently balanced to face a greater effort in the coming times. Gone will be the time when we knew the alignments by heart. Football changes its skin.

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