Fran García: “I don’t want this to be a goodbye to Madrid, but see you soon”

Fran García, who will play until 2025 at Rayo after running the Purchase option he had on the player belonging to the Real Madrid, said goodbye to the white club with an emotional letter in which he said that he hopes that “This is a goodbye, but a see you soon.”

The young footballer from Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), from 21 years, played last season on loan at the Ray for Real Madrid. From the beginning he owned the left side of the Lightning and, in total, He played 42 games with the Vallecano team, all except two as the starter.

“I never imagined what the farewell to the one I consider myself home after arriving ten years ago. And for that very reason, I don’t want this to be goodbye, but see you soon. The Real Madrid He has given me everything and I will always be eternally grateful for everything he has done for me. Fran garcia He is who he is today, thanks in part to this entity, “he said.

“Thanks to all the coaches, managers, delegates and colleagues. And I would like to mention, in a special way, the medical services. Those people who did not let my goals slip away during the long periods of injury. All of them, along with me family, they have not stopped being by my side so that today I can say that I am a player of First division. Thanks a million from the heart!. I am one more madridista “, he concluded.

To ensure the continuity of Fran García, the Ray paid a figure close to two million euros for fifty percent of the player’s rights to the Real Madrid, that he continues to have an important percentage on the side before a future transfer.

Fran garcia will debut in First with Ray after settling in Second with Ray and previously playing with Real Madrid Castilla in Segunda B. With the first Real Madrid team he also made his debut December 6, 2018 in front of Melilla in the Copa del Rey.

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