Fran Sánchez: “We need Weissman to build the team”

QUESTION. The strange thing is that at 32 years old Fran Sánchez is not the youngest sports director in the history of Real Valladolid, but it is difficult to surpass the 28 years of Víctor Orta …

ANSWER. They shared that information with me the other day and it is an honor and pride. He was the person who gave me my first opportunity in professional football at Elche. I appreciate him and some join a great friendship. I admire Victor. I hope to speak to him soon so that he can give me good ideas.

P. Did Fran Sánchez look for Real Valladolid aware that there was a casting or was it Real Valladolid that called Fran Sánchez?

R. They called me. They knew there had been changes: the CEO, the coach …

Q. Who called you?

R. Matt Fenaert. He asked me if there was any possibility and I said yes.

P. Then came the first contact with Ronaldo …

R. We had already coincided at the Valladolid executive lunch with Granada. He called me and gave me confidence and gratitude. He is very excited about the project and his figure was also a reason to come.

Q. If they asked you a few weeks ago about Real Valladolid and its history, which player would come to mind first?

R. Victor’s stage. I’m looking forward to hearing from the people who have a history at the club, from everyone. I want to learn and connect.

Q. After the stages in Elche and Granada, both with family ties, does this project mean leaving your comfort zone?

R. Yes, I am from Orihuela, half an hour from Elche, and from Baza (Granada) she is my mother and I have family and friends there. I do not have that link, but my illusion is to identify myself.

P. Personally and family, who will accompany you in Valladolid?

R. My wife, who is from Úbeda. As she says, this is the first time she has passed Despeñaperros. He accompanies me everywhere and we have a baby, little Fran.

P. To what do you attribute the relegation of Real Valladolid to Second?

R. I have not been inside, it would be daring and out of place to comment on that. A negative dynamic was entered from which it was very difficult to get out …

Q. How was that call from Miguel Ángel Gómez, your predecessor?

R. Very loving. He spoke very highly of the club and the city and made himself available to me for all the help I might need.

Q. Is having almost 40 players a positive or negative thing?

R. There is a limit of players that we would have exceeded, it is a reality. Arrivals will depend on the departures. The coach who comes should be understanding with that situation. I would like the team to take shape as soon as possible.

Q. How many representatives have called you in the last 48 hours?

R. Even before. I have attended to all of them, but I have asked for time to land and that they give me margin.

P. Many will tell you that their players want to be in the First …

R. We all want that. A contract was signed and must be respected by both parties.

P. If you name, is there a player that you think yes or yes has to stay?

R. The player who thinks he is above the shield is very wrong.

P. To get promoted you need a striker …

R. Mastering the areas is important. We have that profile, with a high level, and we trust them.

Q. What do you think of Shon Weissman as a player?

R. A great success of the previous sports direction. It has characteristics to be important in football. Perhaps the fans have not been able to enjoy it. We need Weissman to build the team and we want to convince him that this is the right project for him.

Q. Is everything that is not in the top two to fail?

R. You have to work a lot on a day-to-day basis, with a series of values. The category is complicated, with examples of large investments such as Almería or Leganés. We are going to have beautiful moments, but also complicated ones. And there you will see the DNA of the club.

P. Has it been decided who will be the coach of Real Valladolid?

R. It is the priority issue, which I am focusing on. We hope to resolve it as soon as possible. I would be fooling you if I told you that I don’t have my preferences, but I can’t reveal more.

Q. Has the chosen one already said yes?

R. Out of respect for the rest of the coaches, I can’t tell you …

P. Is the objective to find the new Diego Martínez?

R. We seek humility, identification, connection with people … if a technician comes without enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we would be making a mistake. You have to be prepared and be methodical.

P. Is Paulo André going to be your boss?

R. I met with him and Matt, but it is the club that has to define their role. They have transmitted to me that sports decisions are made by me.

Q. Was the figure of Antonio Cordón in Granada similar to that of Paulo?

R. I do not think so. He was in charge of the property’s clubs and coordinated with the sports directors, with me in Granada.

P. What opinion does Fran Sánchez have on big data?

R. The more information the better, but you have to filter and select. Nor should you miss the scout’s viewing, the little details …

Q. Have you been able to see the documentary of ‘El Presidente’?

R. I have it pending.

Q. Do you give importance to the category of the affiliate?

R. More to training, but we must give value to Valladolid being one of the nine that are in professional football.

Q. We could say that you are going to go from visiting Old Trafford to visiting Amorebieta, how do you manage that change?

R. Well, I’m excited, from the heart, I really want to.

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