Francis Hernández: “We are here to make players for the absolute”

The coordinator of the lower categories of the selection analyzes the options of Spain before the European

TOBefore the European under 21 that was played in Italy in 2019, Francis Hernandez was the first protagonist of the Spanish expedition that passed through the pages of MARK. Now, two years later, we repeat the experience. Having seen the final result in transalpine lands, you travel to Slovenia to fight to match past results. It will be an atypical tournament as a consequence of the Covid, but that does not mean that it stops being a less attractive championship for our football.

With six players of age under 21 with the majors, the question is a must for the coordinator of the lower categories. Surprised the list of Luis Enrique, but in the Federation they have it very clear. “We are here to make players for the absolute. We give it naturalness. We know what we are working for and we treat it with the pride that comes from seeing players who have gone through the lower categories in the absolute. We are lucky to have a coach who looks at the performance and bet on it without looking at the DNI“, it states Francis.

Following this same line, they have no doubts in the Spanish coaching staff. “Let’s go to European with the best, the ones we have here are the best, without looking at who’s up there, “he says.

Young people gain weight

The pandemic has caused a greater presence of homegrown players, something that is a safe bet for Francis. “The reading that we must do is that if we give opportunities to young people, they offer performance. You have to trust them. If they are champions of Europe it is because they are the best, you have to put them out of conviction, not out of obligation.

A tournament that will be marked by the Covid pandemic has also been prepared under special conditions. “We have encountered difficulties when it comes to following up with footballers, but we are lucky to have tools that help us and we can take advantage of them,” he says Francis.

The coordinator of the lower categories of the team is aware that the level of the group has risen significantly since the qualifying phase for the tournament began this Wednesday. “A year or so ago we had a perspective of the players and there has been a natural evolution, there are players with a lot of talent and they grow over time. It shows in their clubs and in the competitions they play. same”.

Without a doubt, one of the players who has multiplied his level the most is Mingueza. The culé has made a hole in the Barcelona and Francis raves about him. “Performance is sought, it is clear that a player who is playing and being a protagonist must be important to us. With what he has shown at his club he has earned being here,” says the Andalusian.

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