From Paul, to Atlético through the front door

Cas we have been counting in recent weeks Rodrigo De Paul will be an Atlético player at the conclusion of the America Cup. A tournament that, in addition, is serving for the general public to meet a footballer whom Simeone it had taken the license plate since 2013, when it had not yet left Argentina to make a name for itself in the Old Continent.

Conquered Italy with its great performance in Udinese Atleti insisted on reaching an agreement for a footballer who will arrive to strengthen the core and give him something that he has suffered from in recent times: goal. And it is that the salida thomas less than a year ago and the performance slump of Saul They have made one of the things that Simeone values ​​most (that the second line helps in the filmmaking side) has been lost … at least until the arrival of De Paul.

And it is that the medium, still from Udinese, will leave in Italy more than considerable figures for a footballer from his demarcation: 33 goals and as many assists in 177 games. Arriving numbers as he is also showing with his selection in the Copa América. Ecuador can give good faith of that ability of the new rojiblanco player with the target that opened the scoring in the final 3-0.

De Paul took advantage of an assist from Messi to score (Lautaro and Lionel himself completed the win) and make themselves known more and more to a fan, the rojiblanca, who will possibly have in the figure of the international albiceleste as the player with the most name to arrive in a market in which barely the signing of a 9. is expected. A striker who, as MARCA said on Friday, could well be Dembélé, again on loan.

The cross was Giménez

If De Paul was the red-and-white happy face of the last day of the Copa América, the cross was carried out by the Uruguayan team of Suárez and Giménez. The central, precisely, missed a maximum penalty in a batch that ended the Uruguayan options to reach the semis after fall to Colombia 4-2 (The 9th of Atleti did convert his pitch).

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