Frutti Extra Bursaspor-HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyespor match result: 81-75


Frutti Extra Bursaspor defeated HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyespor 81-75 in the 25th week of ING Basketball Super League.

Frutti Extra Bursaspor hosted HDI Sigorta Afyon Belediyespor in the 25th week of ING Basketball Super League. In the fight that started with opposite points, the 5th minute was passed with the advantage of the host 7-4. Increasing the scoring advantage after Shayok and Oğuz’s consecutive points, the Bursa team pulled the score to 15-9. Frutti Extra Bursaspor, which continues to be effective with Oğuz under the crucible, completed the first period ahead 23-13 by taking the difference to double digits.

Bursa representative, who started well in the second period, was 13 minutes behind after Munford, Metin and Kadji’s points and increased the difference to 19: 35-16. Towards the end of the quarter, although the efforts of the Afyon team to reduce the gap yielded results, the Bursa team entered the locker room with a score advantage of 44-35.

The Afyon team, which was effective in the return, brought the score to 44-41 with the points of Kairys and Saldivar. Then, the guest team, which also increased the defense hardiness, went ahead 44-45 in the 23rd minute, this time with the numbers of the same pair. Against the Bursa team that breathed with Shayok’s outside hit, Afyon’s representative was responding with Saldivar, while the score superiority constantly changed hands, and the final period was entered with an equality of 58-58.

At the beginning of the last period, the visiting team increased the difference to 4 and brought the situation to 58-62. However, Frutti Extra Bursaspor, recovering from this moment, regained the advantage of the game with Shayok-Kadji duo and brought the score to 70-62 in the 33rd minute with Peters’ outer throw. While the efforts of the Afyon team to return failed, the Bursa representative left the parquet 81-75.

HALL: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Mehmet Keseratar, Aytuğ Ekti, Duhan Köyiçi

FRUTTİ EXTRA SCHOLARSHIP: Birkan Batuk, Peters 5, Shayok 32, Bircevic 9, Kadji 12, Ömer Can İlyasoğlu, Munford 11, Ender Arslan, Oğuz Savaş 10, Can Maxim Mutaf, Metin Türen 2

HDİ INSURANCE AFYON MUNICIPALITY: Sinan Sağlam 4, Wright 12, Saldivar 19, Kairys 18, Leissner 6, Efe Beşok 1, Ekrem Sancaklı, Harun Apaydın, Akif Egemen Güven 4, Macura 11

PERIOD 1: 23-13

CIRCUIT: 44-35

PERIOD 3: 58-58


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